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Meal Replacement Shakes For Weight Loss Or Otherwise

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What about protein shakes for meal replacements?

Protein helps boost metabolism and digestion as well as supports and enhances bodily functions. Its function relates deep into the cellular level helping in growth and reproduction. It also helps in fluid regulation which plays an integral function in transporting other nutrients to the entire body by binding and releasing them when needed. In a nutshell, protein increases metabolism and releases nutrients in the body as necessary, hence producing more energy and increasing endurance.

My research has been not just with mates at the gym or shallow research here and there. There has been research to extent of checking what the medical professionals have to say. Obesity expert Dr Louis Aronne has spoken about the positive aspects of meal replacement shakes. However there’s a systems to it which must be followed, you can’t practically replace each and every meal with protein shakes. Read on to hear what Dr. Arrone’s view.

He often tells patients that meal replacement shake is healthier than pastrami sandwiches you’re eating or burger you’re having with fries and soda.

No problems when it comes to using meal replacement shakes as part of a healthy diet program. Here’s what he recommends as a general diet for weight loss for his patients:

• Protein shake for breakfast
• shake for lunch with vegetables
• healthy dinner with lean meat or chicken or fish and vegetables or salad
• sometimes an extra protein shake before bed

And this is a way to help someone lose weight.

This not something you do for the rest of your life but some people are perfectly happy to have 2 or 3 shakes a day in the longer run.

Dr Arrone suggests in the video above that we should have to make a transition to real food within a month or two whereas some people might go a little bit longer.

In conclusion meal replacement shakes are just fine for people who want to help themselves to lose some weight but definitely shift to real food once your weight loss goal is achieved in a month or two. Here you can learn more about Dr Aronne’s work.

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