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Do Protein Shakes Help You Lose Weight : FAQ No 2

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protein shakes help lose weight Do Protein Shakes Help You Lose Weight : FAQ No 2To get the most objective answer to this question – do protein shakes help you lose weight, lets’ explore the contents of the popular dietary shake which claims to help people lose pounds. Other than protein food, other nutrients such as carbohydrates and fats are also part of it however the percentage of protein is higher than the rest of the ingredients. It’s because of the high protein content that these dietary shakes have been called as protein shakes.

Protein supports and enhances bodily functions as well as performs specific roles such as boosting metabolism and digestion. Its function extends deep into the cellular level helping in growth and reproduction. Apart from that, it helps in fluid regulation which plays an crucial role in transporting other nutrients throughout the body by binding and releasing them when necessary. In simplest words, protein increases metabolism and releases nutrients in the body as needed, hence giving more energy and improving endurance.

So how does protein shakes help you lose weight? Some of the good sources of protein are fish, egg, chicken, milk, soy, yogurt etc. With the right amount of protein intake, we can manage and control our weight. The ideal protein intake is 0.7 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, or about 45-56 grams of protein a day. It would difficult measuring up to the recommended daily protein intake if we rely on some of the depleted food sources in foods.

That’s what makes losing weight through protein shakes as a preferred option compared to losing weight through eating various protein rich foods. Protein shakes, on the other hand give an added advantage of the ease to prepare and to be absorbed by the body than other sources of protein.

Whey protein gets absorbed at cellular level much faster by our body as compared to other kinds of protein, therefore is the best protein shake ingredient. It is also a good supplement for people who love to workout. Casein protein on the other hand, although absorbed slower by the body compared to whey protein, it is a good supplement for meal replacement. The protein present in these drinks helps build muscles while burning more calories. More calories burning means losing weight is easier. Protein shakes are used for losing weight but they could also be used to gain weight depending on the protein composition. Be sure to examine the nutrient composition when choosing the mixture for protein shakes to lose weight or gain weight.

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